Interview with German running legend Florian Neuschwander "Run with the Flow"

Flow started his early running career as a road and track runner in 1997. Since then he has run more than 130.000 km which is more than 3 times around the world. Flow is a professional runner, father, and entrepreneur - creating lifestyle clothes and running stuff for his Online Shop
Some of his running accomplishments include:
- 2nd place Ultra-Trail World Championships
- Breaking the 50k treadmill world record (in a time of 2:57:25)
- Champion of the Redbull Wings for Life World Run Germany (4th overall)
We are thrilled to have him part of our team!
Tell us 3 things about yourself that might surprise others
I never do strength workouts. I never stretch. I don‘t have a real training plan. I often do it freestyle and how I feel.
Tell us about your running journey - how did you start running?
I started running in 1997. With mainly track and road running. I came runner up a couple of times in German Championships, for example in junior years and in senior, I was runner up in the men's German Halfmarathon Championships and came third in the Marathon. So I started with classical distances. That was fun but I always wanted to see what happens when I run longer than a marathon. How long can I run? How does it feel to run up a huge mountain? How fast can I go from A to B? How does that long-distance hiking path look like? And so on... So I decided to go my own way and RUN how I feel and how I like it!
Quick overview of your nutrition plan for a 50k trail race - before, after, and during the race
Before I will have white bread with vegan butter or peanut butter or jam. A big coffee. Maybe a banana and a cereal bar. That's it.
During a run, I would use just Maurten Drink and Gel at the moment.
And after hard sessions or races, I drink 2 tablets of BIX RECOVERY  straight after the workout. And eating a lot of nice vegan food! ;-)
Quick overview of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner during a typical training day
The same as during a race. Breakfast most of the time bread. Sometimes oats with oat milk. During the day I eat what I want. I am vegan since this year but I never ate a lot of meat before. My girlfriend is vegan so since we are together everything changed. I am really happy about that and I feel great. For dinner, we like pasta with vegetables, Cous Cous, vegan kebab, self-made pizza. We don‘t eat convenience food.
Your 3 most important recovery activities
Having a hot arnica bath, Cycling, going for a walk
Overview of a typical training week
Monday: Trail Run and Hike with vertical meters
Tuesday: Treadmill workout - Intervals
Wednesday: Indoor Cycling (100km) or easy Run
Thursday: 30 km or more on the treadmill at a good speed
Friday: Cycling indoors or very easy running
Saturday: Mostly trail run with vertical meters again
Sunday: Cycling indoors or a shorter run
When there is snow I do less running and trying to do 1-2 sessions on the ski (ski mountaineering) or skating ski.


What was your biggest running accomplishment?

I came runner up in the Ultra-Trail World Championships in Wales in 2013. But even this year was a good one. Despite the Corona Pandemic, I am really happy with 2020.

I ran a 10k PB on road during training (30:09 min.), nearly a half marathon PB 1:06:42 h (PB is 1:06:20 h), and did a lot of other good projects, such as 550 km in one week with more than 10.000 vertical meters. That motivates me a lot to run fast and long distances next year in 2021. I hope there will be more races again where I can show what I can RUN.

Your 3 running goals for 2021
It's hard to say what happens in 2021. So I don‘t have a real plan. You can not plan in times like today. But I think about a fast and flat 100 km on the road (The world champs was my target for this year), a big own project again, and if there are races I‘d like to do a big ultra trail with all international cracks toeing the starting line. And a hundred miler again, please! ;-)
1. Describe yourself in 3 words: Motivated, Experimental, loving adventures
2. Favorite race? I don‘t have a favorite race. I like all kinds of racing as long as it's running.
3. Favorite running shoe? ON Cloudflow
4. Your most important running gear? My shoes
5. Favorite snack/ gel during a run or a race?
Always different. Before an ultra race, I check what kind of snacks and drinks are provided on the course. Then I try this nutrition in my training leading up to the race. If it's good I don't have to carry a lot because I can get everything on the course. ;-) At the moment I use Maurten during training.
6. Bix Orange or Bix Berry  flavor? I like both but my favorite is Berry!
7. Are you a flat, uphill, or downhill runner? Flat and uphill!
8. Run in the cold or run in the heat? HEAT!
9. Favorite racing distance? I don‘t care. I like all distances ;-) At the moment my perfect distance would be a runnable and smooth 50 - 70 km trail run.

10. Running idol? My idol is Steve Prefontaine and when I was younger it was always Haile Gebrselassie.

11. Favorite trail? I don‘t have a favorite trail. I like to run all trails and I try to run always different routes in training to see everything. I don‘t like technical trails and I hate technical downhills! ;-)
12. Strength workouts indoors or outdoor? I never do strength workouts! Trail running in different terrain is my strength workout.
13. A quote that you would put on a T-Shirt? Don‘t think too much. Just run!

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