Interview with BIX athlete Charlotte Taquet

Charlotte grew up in France and moved to Hong Kong in 2013. This is where her running journey began. She is a legal counsellor and an accomplished trail runner.
With a lot of races being cancelled, Charlotte set herself many other challenges this year - one being to run 600 km's with more than 20,000 meters of elevation gain within 1 month - which she accomplished in April 2020! She is an inspiring example that you can achieve anything if you are dedicated and committed.
We are proud to have her as part of the BIX Team! Now let's dive into the interview:


1. Tell us 3 things about yourself that might surprise others

· I am Black belt level in Judo

· Brussel sprouts is one of my comfort food

· I know how to ride unicycle

2. Tell us about your running journey - how did you start running?

I’ve started running in Hong Kong when I moved here almost 7 years ago as my friends were into it. I have loved it and continued to push myself a bit more every time.

3. Quick overview of your nutrition plan for a 50k trail race - before, after, and during the race

· Before: Peanut butter toast

· During: Gels, potatoes, dates

· After: Bix Hydration and Vegan Burger/Pizza

4. Quick overview of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner during a typical training day

· Breakfast: Bix Hydration + Homemade breakfast bowl + peanut butter
· Lunch: Veggies + Grains with tempeh/tofu

· Dinner: Veggies + Grains with tempeh/tofu

5. Your 3 most important Recovery activities: I still have some room for improvement here

· Drink Bix Recovery
· Foam roll/Massage

· Sleep

6. Overview of a typical training week

1 short run (10-15kms), 1 flat run with intervals, 1 uphill run with intervals, 2 long runs (20-40kms)

7. What was your biggest running accomplishment?

600kms training in one month with more than 20,000m of elevation gain.


8. Your 3 running goals for 2020/ 2021

As I do not have a race plan due to the current circumstances:

· Run more in Asia
· Run Faster
· Improve strength/mobility



1. Describe yourself in 3 words: Outdoor lover & Challenges enthusiast

2. Favorite race? CCC by UTMB

3. Favorite running shoe? Salomon SLab Ultra

4. Your most important running gear? Shoes

5. Favorite snack/ gel during a run? Dates

6. Are you a flat, uphill, or downhill runner? Downhill

7. Run in the cold or run in the heat? Heat

8. Favorite racing distance? 100 kms

9. Trail running idol? I cannot say Vlad so … Lucy Bartholomew

10. Favorite trail? Lantau trail in Hong Kong

11. Strength workouts indoor or outdoor? Indoor

12. A quote that you would put on a T-Shirt? Never give up, it’s a mental game

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