Interview with athlete, sports scientist & personal trainer Carina Bungard

Carina is a sponsored athlete, sports scientist, and personal trainer. She started running at the age of 12 and has since been competing in track, cross country, and obstacle course racing (OCR). One of her highlights was finishing in 1st place at the OCR European Championship with the German female Team.

We are thrilled to have her as part of the BIX Team and have interviewed her about her training and recovery routine, her favorite nutrition and hydration, racing goals for 2021, and more.


Tell us 3 things about yourself that might surprise others I don´t like working out in the morning, I am vegan, I have not run a road Marathon yet (just Trail Marathon).
Tell us about your running journey - how did you start running?I started running when I was 12 because my dad was a great runner. I competed in Track, Cross Country, and Road Races and fell in love with OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) in 2016.
Quick overview of your nutrition plan for a (Trail) Marathon - before, after, and during the race
Before: self-baked vegan banana bread, espresso, and salt pills; During: gels and water; After: vegan pizza and a recharge shake.
Quick overview of your nutrition plan for a 15k OCR - before, after, and during the raceSame nutrition plan as my Marathon nutrition plan. I´ll just try to take more gels because my body fatigues a lot faster.
Quick overview of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner during a typical training day I love to train on an empty stomach and can´t wait to eat a healthy protein porridge with nuts, protein powder, coconut, and raspberries after I am done. The second meal is more of a snack, like a protein bar with an almond milk cappuccino. For dinner, I love to eat a Veggie Bowl.
Your 3 most important recovery activities Bix Recovery Supplement, Cry box + Sauna, Fascia-Massage.
  1. Overview of a typical training week I have 3 running sessions and 2 of them are harder ones, 1 bouldering session, 1 OCR typical session (a combination of running and obstacles), 2-3 strength sessions.
  2. What was your biggest running/ racing accomplishment? 1st place at the OCR European Championship with the German female Team.
  3. Your 3 running/ racing goals for 2021 A podium spot at the OCR European Championship, finishing a Road Marathon Race, attending an Ultra Marathon Race.
  1. Describe yourself in 3 words Happy, Motivating, Can´t stand still Favorite race (Marathon, ORC)? OCR Series Races > Strongviking

  2. Favorite running shoe? ASICS Novablast

  3. Your most important running gear? I love waring buffs all year long

  4. Favorite snack during a run? Dates

  5. Favorite snack during a race? Gels and water

  6. BIX Berry or BIX Orange-Mango? Difficult… probably Berry, but both are so yummy

  7. Are you a flat, uphill, or downhill runner? I don´t like downhill

  8. Run in the cold or run in the heat? I love to run in the heat because you get a nice tan but I can also stand the cold well.

  9. Favorite racing distance? 21k

  10. Running idol/ athlete idol? Shalane Flanagan and Lindsay Webster

  11. Strength workouts indoor or outdoor Indoor > more equipment available

  12. A quote that you would put on a T-Shirt The only way is through!


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